Light 12×12 Oil on Canvas

An expression of a journey of discovery and recovery, through the use of “ex- votos”, also known as retablos, made to commemorate a miraculous intervention and to give thanks.

“The term “ex-voto” comes from the Latin “ex-voto suscepto ” meaning “in pursuance of a vow.” It may be used in reference to a painting, a plaque or any object placed in a church or chapel to commemorate a vow or to express thanks for a favour received. This practice, a religious gesture made in the face of death or a simple expression of gratitude to the Divinity, has existed since the beginning of time and was introduced into New France with the arrival of the French colonists.” Nicole Cloutier

In most cases, the ex-voto is signed and dated and in many cases, they tell a very touching personal story. The personal story is what makes them so fascinating. The ex-voto is most often left at a church altar. They are very public, yet very personal, professions of faith in a higher power and thanks for favors received.

Using a modification of the exvoto art form, the artist tells the story of a healing process that took place after a series of losses. Each painting is the visual expression of an epiphany (a divine manifestation), which helped to facilitate the journey of discovery and recovery.

Ave Maria 12×12 Oil on Canvas
Come With Me 12x12 Oil on Canvas
Come With Me 12×12 Oil on Canvas
The Ladies of Mercy 12x12 Oil on Canvas
The Ladies of Mercy 12×12 Oil on Canvas
Lillies 12x12 Oil on Canvas
Lillies 12×12 Oil on Canvas SOLD
Still Seeking 12x12 Oil on Canvas
Still Seeking 12×12 Oil on Canvas
A Thing of Beauty 12x12 Oil on Canvas
A Thing of Beauty 12×12 Oil on Canvas
Pure Trust 12x12 Oil on Canvas
Pure Trust 12×12 Oil on Canvas
Being Tethered 12x12 Oil on Canvas
Being Tethered 12×12 Oil on Canvas
Forgive Every Moment 12 x 12 Oil on Canvas
Flying 12x12 Oil on Canvas
Flying 12×12 Oil on Canvas