Thin Places

From the Bus to Connemara

In Irish mythology, a “thin place” was a divider between the physical, tangible world and the “otherworld” of dreams, the afterlife, and other unseen but very real dimensions hiding behind the veil of reality.

Our forefathers believed some physical locations on earth are closer to the spiritual than others – places where God’s presence is more accessible to us as humans.

Thin places are places of energy. A place where the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin. A thin place is where one can walk in two worlds – the worlds are fused together, knitted loosely where the differences can be discerned or tightly where the two worlds become one.

Thin places aren’t perceived with the five senses. Experiencing them goes beyond those limits.

Fascination with the “Other world” has occupied our human minds since early recordings of history and likely before that. A thin place pulsates with an energy that connects with our own energy – we feel it, but we do not see it. We know there’s another side – another world – another existence. To some it is heaven, the Kingdom, paradise. To others it may be hell, an abyss, the unknown. Whatever you perceive the Other world or the eternal world to be, a thin place is a place where connection to that world seems effortless, and ephemeral signs of its existence are almost palpable.

Thin Place #1 Maplewood Flats 12 x 36
Thin Place #2 Maplewood Flats 6 x 12
Thin Place #3 Maplewood Flats 12 x 36
Thin Place #4 Maplewood Flats 18 x 72
Thin Place #5 Colony Farms 12 x 36 SOLD
Thin Place #6 Stormy Day at English Bay 8 x 8 SOLD
Thin Place #7 Ambleside Beach – Foggy Day 12 x 36 GIFTED
Thin Place #8 Red Road in Cambodia 12 x 36 GIFTED
Thin Place #9 Our Lady’s Island in Ireland 8 x 24
Thin Place #10 From the Bus to Connemara 18 x 36
Thin Place # 11 The Cliffs of Moher 18 x 36
Thin Place #12 Lake Edith 12 x 12
Thin Place #13 Jasper Grasses 18 x 36
Thin Place #14 Early Morning Drive from Jasper 16 x 40

Thin Place #15 Jasper Lake 15 x 36

Thin Place #16 Ambleside Foggy Day 2 15 x 30 GIFTED