Cambodia February 2018

Half way through this amazing journey…..hard to believe.   May stay longer and go to Vietnam in April, going to Laos on Feb 28 as have to leave due to visa expiry… there are so many wonderful places to visit within a short plane ride or bus (haven’t  braved that yet).   Flights are not as cheap as I would have hoped….in fact many things are surprisingly expensive here….Chinese New Year here….big event and lots of loud music everywhere…..I will miss Siem Reap…it has grown on me and has its own particular beauty despite the crazy driving….I have learned to just go…shut my eyes and cross the street!

Siem Reap is a city of little bridges over the river…motor bikes are treated with utmost care!


  1. Margo, always the journey! Enjoy Laos, one of my favourite countries. Northern Vietnam is great too, oh hell, it is all wonderful. Go with the flow and enjoy.


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