Cambodian Adventure February 21

3AEE7BAD-531B-4466-9AA4-7F0DEA97728ESnapped this shot on our way home after a day in the field…..usually too dry to grow rice this time of year but this area has water so it is growing well.

The morning was spent observing a women’s health workshop on hygiene…the women and small kids meet at a local community space (raised platform).    They laugh a lot and have a great time…just wish I could speak Khmer.   I have about ten words now.

Stopped to take some pictures of two piglets we purchased for a family as part of our new social entrepreneurship project…five families have received two pigs they will breed and sell litres for $45 a pig or so but will also give two piglets back to us to donate to other families!  One of the best examples of sustainability I have ever seen!03BEDD74-8281-4971-86CD-D7CAF8171009.jpegIn the afternoon we visited a Grade Six classroom for Sexual Health…..what an amazing experience.   The kids here are different..not sure how but very keen, eager and respectful.   The boys were on one side of the room w Leangseng and the girls w Tevy and one of our volunteers… the end the boys presented their information to the girls and vice versa.    Both chose one child to sing a song as well.   There were a few titters and giggles but minimal….amazing to watch!

On the way home our leader treated us to traditional Khmer noodles and then stopped to let us take pictures of the rice fields at dusk.  What a very special day!


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