Cambodian Adventure February 24


CCDO Team Appreciation Party!

After another amazing week we were treated to a party at a local reservoir where we ate, swam and went on a boat ride to a temple in the middle of the lake!  Because two people are leaving soon and I will be leaving soon enough we were given beautiful gifts of a krama which is a traditional Cambodian scarf.

Cannot say enough about how wonderful this organization is.   Not only are they doing fantastic work, all of the staff are outstanding, beautiful and special people.   Already feeling sad about leaving!

One of the choices for lunch was roasted crickets which I was too much of a chicken to try!8FBFD95F-C97E-4A7B-A3D1-8535A6DD7FFDThis past week was a wonderful opportunity to see a well being installed for a family.  The workmanship was outstanding to watch and the family so appreciative!  This was well #1203!

The boys took a break to play with a slingshot!  Leangseng managed to drop a mango after many, many tries!

On the way home we stopped at a district village hall to meet with the village chief and staff about starting similar programs in their area.

This little boy stole my heart….he managed to ride the bike no problem!

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