Cambodian Adventure -Luang Prabang, Laos March 3 2018


Bamboo bridge over the Makong…they take it down during rainy season due to high water and currents.  Costs 5 kip to cross!

in  Luang Prabang for 5 days so I can renew my Cambodian visa to end of March.  Incredibly beautiful here…beautiful little alleyways and spectacular river views (on a pinninsula3B165355-0521-4DB0-8D0B-624837746D51.jpeg where the Mekong meets the Nam Khan River) Some times it reminds me of St. Ives in England.1E6212E5-231A-44B4-96C2-4E6098D00416Got up at 5am to see the monks procession on the Main Street….snapped a few discreet shots.D82115BF-FC4C-4AE3-9C1A-463201144E281C7D5481-351E-4C09-9DCF-4FEE01137AE6Bit touristy and the women selling rice to give away kind of aggressive but still something to see!  Yesterday I spent the day at Kuong Si Falls, 40 mins out, and swam in the cold, blue water….so refreshing!D3F66550-59EC-4C93-8870-EF7984C83725.jpegAE76D555-EF85-4900-B53F-B9EF82BEE89D.jpegWalking 12 to 15 km daily and just had an amazing $10 full body aromatherapy massage. She really worked my feet and felt so good.   Many other wonderful and interesting sites!67C1B747-0C77-4FA8-ABE4-CB48565DC7F8.jpeg7D1A6299-1BD5-400E-9D21-890131C567A4.jpegMarket fresh kill!

Strong French influence here…architecture reminiscent of New OrleansE5673A8D-D6C7-4463-85BC-8A80A1A1A938.jpeg lots of French tourists and cafes w French pastry, had one too many!497CA1D0-1DE6-4775-99C3-7F0FEA5D3AD3AAF6376A-1E7E-4463-ACC3-0C72BD73E49D.jpegWater lily pond at Royal Palace and Museum!

88DA7F69-FC35-453C-BE26-7E89281329D2.jpegStairs to Mt. Phousi!


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