Cambodia April 1

8D9774C1-38F0-4450-9BF3-D3609085D2C6.jpegAfter three months in Siem Reap, Cambodia I leave tomorrow…  hard to believe!  I have learned so much here…about Asia, about Cambodia and its wonderful people and about myself!D949639D-9293-4BF9-B02A-FEF6545E80CD.jpeg   It has not always been easy but always awesome, inspiring and interesting.  The best part has been the wonderful and amazing Cambodian people….those I have worked with, those I have lived with

and especially the children…..will miss their hellos, excited waves and their beautiful souls!

The volunteers I have worked with are all outstanding and such amazing young people….even managed to party with them a few nights this week which is saying something for me!

I have become brave,  weaving through traffic on my bike, jumping in and out of tuk tuks and even riding motor cycles (as a passenger that is).   Negotiating the traffic has become a metaphor for life….just go, don’t stop and trust it will all be okay!

Here are some favourite pics of my journey!!!

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